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Telehealth Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

The world’s response to COVID-19 is changing rapidly; and so is the way we do business at Agility Physio & Ex Phys. With that in mind we’ve launched our new telehealth service; it’s our way of delivering physiotherapy and exercise physiology to where it suits you best; your home, your work, or a location that suits you.


We're excited to offer telehealth; an online video-link consultation that delivers the same evidence-based treatment you’d receive from us in person. It’s a comfortable and travel-free alternative to an in-clinic appointment at our Penrith, NSW practice.


Whether you’re in the area, in the state, or any location across Australia, we can help. All you need is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet that connects to high-speed internet.


Physiotherapy and exercise physiology are allied health services that, as an alternative, can be delivered online in a video-format consultation. So we’ve worked hard to enable telehealth to deliver that service to you. Scroll down and book your telehealth online consultation now with one of our qualified practitioners.

Connecting Us With You- Wherever You Are

With fast internet connections and secure video communications, it’s easy to join and collaborate on your device.

One-On-One Professional Assessment & Interventions

You’ll have a one-on-one appointment with a qualified practitioner, just like you do in a clinic. It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s comfortable.

Join Anywhere on Any Device

Use your home or work computer, your smartphone or your tablet. We’ll send you a link and you’re ready-to-go with your appointment; wherever you are.

Telehealth - How Do I Book

Make A Booking

Select one of the Telehealth Online consultation types at the “select a service” section. Then choose the date and the time that suits you best.

Complete Your Payment

If you've a Medicare referral from your GP, or you’re a workers compensation patient, we’ll take care of the payment on your behalf. If you’re a private patient, we’ll need you to to pre-pay for the appointment. 

Your Invitation

We’ll email you a confirmation, a payment receipt if applicable, a calendar invite and a link for when it’s time for you to join the appointment.

Telehealth- Make A Booking

Telehealth Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

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We work alongside GPs to deliver high quality, guideline based care

At Agility Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology our accredited exercise physiology (AEP) services are evidence based and in line with guideline based care. 

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