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Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology Via Video 

Telehealth Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a generic term used for a medical or allied health consultation delivered over the internet using video-call technology. It’s a fast-growing way of delivering health services and we’re proud to offer this service to the community.

Who delivers the telehealth services at Agility Physio & Ex Phys?

Our existing in-clinic practitioners conduct the telehealth appointments. We don’t outsource this service to practitioners we don’t know. When you make an appointment, we’ll send you a link and when it’s time to see us, it’s easy; just click on the link and you’ll connect with Brett or Toby – face-to-face (or rather screen-to-screen) – for your appointment.

What IT equipment do I need to have a telehealth consultation?

All you need is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet which connects to a high-speed internet connection. Check with your internet provider or telecommunication network provider if you’re unsure whether it will work. If you currently and successfully stream live-TV, video or a movie subscription-service through your existing provider, it’s likely you’re good-to-go with a telehealth appointment.

How can I have a telehealth physiotherapy or exercise physiology appointment when it’s not in a clinic?

Physiotherapy and exercise physiology are services that, as an alternative, can be delivered online via a video call. Before your appointment, we’ll ask you to give us as much detail as possible about your health complaint – including a brief written summary from you; any photos or videos you can send to help clarify your pain or injury; plus any medical records, images or scans which will help us have all your history at-the-ready before we start. We’ll then do evidence-based research to ensure what we discuss with you in your telehealth appointment is proven to work.

How will telehealth work if my practitioner normally shows me stretches and exercises in person?

Easy. We have an open-plan office with enough space for our practitioners to get mobile and show you the most beneficial stretches or exercises to do, in real-time. They’ll have wireless headsets so even if they walk away from the computer to show you full-body range, you’ll have an uninterrupted audio connection to ask questions, ask for clarification, or even ask if you’re doing your prescribed treatment correctly.

Who can book telehealth?

Anyone can book telehealth. If you’re comfortable using your computer, smartphone or tablet for video calls today, then you’re good-to-go.

I’m not in Penrith; can I still book a telehealth appointment and access physiotherapy or exercise physiology treatment from a practitioner not in my area?

Anyone can book a telehealth appointment with us. We don’t just serve the greater Penrith and Blue Mountains area, we can serve all of Sydney, all of New South Wales and all of Australia. We’re so proud to be able to deliver our service to a huge community. Telehealth is for anyone who might be less mobile, might feel more comfortable in their own home, or might simply be time-poor and can’t afford the time to come to our clinic.

Am I eligible to use telehealth for my physiotherapy or exercise physiology appointment as a Medicare referred patient, or as a workers compensation patient, or as a DVA client?

Until 30 September 2020, telehealth appointments for physiotherapy and exercise physiology are now available for Medicare referred patients (your GP will have provided you a referral to us), for patients undergoing treatment for work injuries under a workers compensation claim, and for DVA clients. Just book on our website or call us on 0291880751 to schedule an appointment.

Can I make a claim from my private health insurance provider for a telehealth appointment like I do with an in-clinic appointment?

As at 9 April 2020, some private health funds are now allowing claims for physiotherapy and exercise physiology consultations delivered via telehealth for a specified duration. Before making an appointment with us, we suggest you contact your private health insurer to confirm their terms & conditions for claims for services delivered via telehealth.

How Do I Book?

We’ve got some really helpful instructions when you click the button below. Just book, pay (if applicable) and we’ll send you a confirmation. It’s easy. Just leave the rest to us. If you change your mind or need to reschedule, we can help.

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Telehealth Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

Located within Myhealth Medical Centre Westfield Penrith (next to Aldi on the ground level)

A: Shop 017/585 High Street Penrith NSW 2750

P: (02) 9188 0751


F: physio & ex phys

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We work alongside GPs to deliver high quality, guideline based care

At Agility Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology our accredited exercise physiology (AEP) services are evidence based and in line with guideline based care. 

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